v.l.: Mathias Kunauer, Jutta Mitteregger, Mirjam Sadjak, Zdravko Haderlap

The Center for Choreography Bleiburg/Pliberk (CCB) was founded in 2011 as a platform for contemporary dance in Carinthia. The founding patron was the dancer, choreographer and director Johann Kresnik (1939-2019), a native of Bleiburg/Pliberk and one of the pioneers of modern dance theater. Following the tradition of Johann Kresnik’s work, the goal of the CCB was and is to combine contemporary dance with socio-political engagement. As a bilingual cultural institution in Carinthia, the CCB aims to reach as many people as possible with its artistic productions that transcend conventional boundaries and limitations and to inspire them with the art form of dance and performance. This is to be achieved with own productions, guest performances, workshops, residencies and symposia, interdisciplinarity, youth work, mediation programs, national and international cooperations.

  • Association work in the sense of Hans Kresnik: socio-critical and political action in the field of dance, supporting novelty and enabling new developments, cross-disciplinary work
  • Carinthia/Koroška as dance space: interface of three cultures in the Alpe-Adria region
  • Local: Bleiburg as center and accumulation place for contemporary dance
  • Regional: Embeddedness in Carinthia with different formats and in cooperation with actors and institutions
  • Supraregional: Cooperation beyond borders
  • Host, producer and mediator of dance as well as partner of dance creators
  • Enable access to contemporary dance and performance for a broad audience and promote low access barriers
  • Making visible and employing the biographies of Carinthian artists in CCB productions and/or within formats
  • Promoting emerging dancers / artists.
  • Long Night of Dance
  • Support program for young dancers
  • FAUSTLOS - School project against violence
  • residencies and work in progress programs
  • LABOR. Mediation formats
  • Scientific-artistic development
  • female research group FRAUENWERK
  • (Co-)productions and guest performances
  • 2009: initial situation: Johann Kresnik's choreographic theater "Auf uns kommt es an / ta roka bo koala svet", freely adapted from Jura Soyfer and the exhibition "Johann Kresnik - Sketches and Drawings" at the Kulturni dom in Bleiburg / Pliberk, the publication of the theater-scientific volume "Ballet kann kämpfen / Balet se zna boriti" by Genia Enzelberger and editor Zdravko Haderlap (Lit-publication) as well as the three-day "Symposium on Politics, Contemporary History and Social Criticism in Johann Kresnik's Work" in Grenzlandheim Bleiburg / Pliberk as part of the "Europaausstellung Bleiburg/St. Paul 2009". Curator: Zdravko Haderlap
  • 2010: ARGE Choreographic Center Johann Kresnik: On the initiative of Zdravko Haderlap, the "ARGE Choreographic Center Johann Kresnik" was founded in May 2010 with renowned personalities from politics, arts, media and science, including Genia Enzelberger, Elisabeth Faller, Maja Haderlap, Christoph Hofer, Michael Jernej, Jurij Mandl, Karlheinz Miklin, Arthur Ottowitz, Gernot Ogris, Harald Scheicher, Michael Stöckl, Stefan Visotschnig, Josef Winkler, Anja von Witzler as well as the later founding members.  
  • 2011: Als Ergebnis des Symposiums „Ballett kann kämpfen!“ bzw. der ARGE „Johann Kresnik – Zentrum für Choreografie und Theater“ die Vereinsgründung mit Kathrin Ackerl-Konstantin, Andrea Amort, Klaus Amann, Zdravko Haderlap, Milan Piko, Anna und Andrea Hein, Johann Kresnik, Andrea K. Schlehwein, Ulli Sturm, Ingrid Türk-Chlapek und Edith-Wolf-Perez sowie die erste Lange Nacht des Tanzes in Bleiburg (Künstlerische Leitung: Katrin Ackerl-Konstantin, Idee & Kuratorenschaft: Andrea Hein).  
  • 2020: Nach dem Schlaganfall der langjährigen CCB-Obfrau Andrea Hein 2018, die jahrelang gemeinsam mit Milan Piko das CCB geleitet hat und des Ablebens des Schirmherren Johann Kresnik 2019 folgt die Entwicklung des neuen Konzepts mit neuer Ausrichtung unter der Leitung von Milan Piko und Anna Hein.
  • 2021: CCB production "JEMAND. A tribute to Johann Kresnik / NEKDO. Poklon Johannu Kresniku" as part of CARINTHIja 2020.
  • seit 2022: Weiterentwicklung des Vereins mit neuem Konzept und neuem Vorstand (Zdravko Haderlap, Mathias Kunauer, Jutta Mitteregger und Mirjam Sadjak) und neuem Leitungsteam (Jutta Mitteregger und Mirjam Sadjak).

Since its founding in 2011, the CCB has become one of the main players in the Carinthian dance scene. The association thereby primarily concentrates on the format of the Long Night of Dance, in-house and co-productions and mediation work. With productions, the Center for Choreography Bleiburg/Pliberk on the one hand deals with Carinthian personalities and on the other hand with political topics - according to Kresnik's motto "Ballet can fight!". Furthermore, through the mediation program, an early encounter with contemporary dance, art and culture in the broadest sense can be promoted.

Association's Board

Zdravko Haderlap
Jutta Mitteregger
Mathias Kunauer
Deputy Treasuerer
Mirjam Sadjak
Andrea Hein (*1951 – 2022)
Honorary Member
Johann Kresnik (*1939 – 2019)

Management Team

Jutta Mitteregger
Commercial Management
Mirjam Sadjak
Artistic Management
Mathias Kunauer
Technical Management

Artistic committee - consisting of CCB members as well as cultural professionals


Long Night of Dance
  • Artistic Director: Anna Hein
  • Production Management: Mirjam Sadjak
  • Curation: Anna Hein, Hanspeter Horner, Mirjam Sadjak
  • Technical Director: Mathias Kunauer
  • Production: Vincenzo Gatta, Eva Leick, Hanna Novak
  • Mentoring Dance: Anna Hein
  • Mentoring Music: Julian Gamisch
Production Blood & Milk
  • Project Management: Imke Logar-Thiessen 
  • Dramaturgy: Imke Logar-Thiessen and Rubina Meister
  • Actors: Judith Meister, Christine Meklin, Victoria Meklin, Heidi Schuster, Anna Rutar, Klaudia Ahrer, Roswitha Tomic, Veronika Zeichen, Simona Roblek
  • Technical Management: Mathias Kunauer, Elsa Logar
Labor - experimental field for uprising choreographers and dancers
  • Mentoring 2023: Guido Markowitz
  • Project Management: Mirjam Sadjak
  • Concept, Idea, Direction: Christina Comtesse, Anna Hein, Jutta Mitteregger, Mirjam Sadjak
  • Jury: Guido Markowitz, Chris Comtesse, Anna Hein, Edith Wolf Perez
FAUSTLOS - School project against violence
  • Project Managment: Imke Logar-Thiessen
  • Mentoring: Anna Rutar
Production Christine Lavant 2024
  • Concept, Idea, Direction: Zrdavko Haderlap
  • Scientific Supervision: Klaus Amann
  • Dramaturgy: Jana Pavlič
  • Choreographische Assistenz: Christina Comtesse, Martina Seidl
  • Music, Composition: Tonč Feinig
  • Stage Design: Majda Krivograd
  • Costume Design: Katarina Zalar
  • Assistant Director: Imke Logar-Thiessen
  • Dancers: Nuria Gimenez Villaroya, Tura Gomez Coll, Gabriel Lawtonn, Filip Löbl, Martina Rößler, Lia Ujčič, Thales Weilinger
  • Actor: Anne Bennent
  • Production Management: Mirjam Sadjak
  • Commercial Management: Jutta Mitteregger
  • Artistic Director: Zrdavko Haderlap